World Issues

Athabaskan III, photographed in 2009.


The second major conflict within a two-decade period of global economic, political and social disruption. New powers arise, old powers decline in this truly global conflagration. Canada emerges as a nation with a global role. The response and commitment to the allied cause was, per capita, greater than that of its great ally to the south. The Canadian involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic and its subsequent participation in the liberation of Europe resulted in an elevated role in world affairs: the UN, the design of the UN Charter, the establishment of Peace Keeping and respect from emerging nations.

Sample Assignment: Group Work

Examine some of the 'World Issues' of the past two decades that are/were of concern to Canada and explore ways in which the Canadian Navy contributed or is contributing (a) to the resolution of the problem, and (b) to projecting Canadian interests.

  1. The Canadian Navy's role in Haiti
  2. Canadian Arctic Sovereignty
  3. Libyan Civil hostilities
  4. 1st Iraq war
  5. Somalia Piracy