The Language of War

Kathleen Dore and Joanna Anderson

Mrs. Anderson's Grade 12 Writer's Craft experience a writer's workshop provided by Kathleen Dore, a professional writer and editor. The workshop focus is on subject research and interviewing techniques. This exposure to a profession in the field is to provide students with a guide for their upcoming Battle of the Atlantic discussion project.

The workshop was the first of the elements that Joanna Anderson built into her project plan. The next phase was to provide each student with a biographical sketch of each of the guests they would be meeting in the Battle of the Atlantic project. The expectation was that the bios would constitute the background research that Ms. Dore had addressed in her workshop.

'Vi' Connolly

With both the workshop and biographical sketches provided, students were assigned to two Battle of the Atlantic guests. They were to work in teams of 3-5 and each team would meet with three guests. Each mini-session would last 20 minutes, then take a short break for refreshment, and then on to the next.

The library became a crucible of learning. Student teams and the Battle of the Atlantic Veterans exchanging ideas, questioning, engaging in discussions relating to the era when the world was in chaos. On this day the average age of the veterans is 85 but what was not lost on the students was that at the time of conflict the seniors they were engaged with were 17–19, the same age as themselves.

A successful event closed and the students will now be charged with undertaking a Writer’s Craft assignment, which will relate to the experience they have just enjoyed.