North Atlantic weather.


The Battle of the Atlantic was also a catalyst for the study of Oceanography and Climatology, as well as the science of radio and radar waves. On both sides of the conflict, the need for scientific understanding and appreciation of warfare needs were paramount. Universities in the Maritimes and New England established fast tracked studies that were to assist in the location of U-boats. Work studying salinity, ocean currents and a range of related areas of the ocean environment gained importance.


Sample Assignments

Meteorology Assignment

Over a period of time (one or two weeks), check the weather patterns for the North Atlantic.

Determine which of the periods were most advantageous for a convoy and which were most advantageous for the u-boat wolf pack.

Give explanations for your decision.

Weather Station Kurt

'Kurt' was the code name of the secret German weather station set up on the Labrador Peninsula by the crew of U-boat 537, October 1943.

Research and report: Prepare a report on the secret weather station.