Project Haida

Canadian History CHC2D1 / CHC2P1

Battle of the Atlantic Assignment (Handout)

Choose one of the following methods of completing the first assignment. All assignments regardless of choice made will be graded using the same rubric.

Creative Writing

Researching some of the characteristics and conditions faced by those involved in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II, take the role of a naval officer on board a vessel of your choosing and write a 750 word newspaper report about:

Your life before the war, any training you went through, the goals of your vessel and and currently what you are experiencing.

Your finished product is to look like a newspaper with a proper headline and introduction by an editor to your letter.

Model Creation

You are to create a full scale model of a ship OR battle that Canadians fought on during the Battle of the Atlantic. Your model should show specific detail of the ship(s) [and U-Boats if choosing to recreate a battle] such as the proper number of guns and show at least 2 ship decks.

You must have your model properly labeled using typed information about the above. For example; if you have a 12 gun, find out what make/type of gun was used, or you are showing sleeping quarters, place a flag with some detail about it.

Artistic Endeavor

Create either a painting or art piece that is a minimum of 30cm by 30cm showing life for naval officer on board a vessel during the Battle of the Atlantic.

You must also provide a brief typed paragraph (5 sentences minimum) in your own words describing what your picture is describing and why you chose both the visuals and colours you did.


Put together a presentation that is to be between 8 and 10 minutes in length with no more than 2 other people that included visual material and effectively describes one or more of the following topics:

Note: If using Power point, your slides must consist of predominantly visuals and main points, NOT be a 'cue card of information' that you just look at and read off of.

As well, all group members must equally partake in the presentation.

Game Design

You are to design a board game based upon the Battle of the Atlantic that must focus predominantly upon Canadian involvement in this conflict. You can however, provide other detail about what other countries did. This game MUST NOT simply be a question and answer format and cannot be a copy of a game that already exists.

Your game must include a typed set of rules and have all the necessary pieces included to play the game effectively (you can use pieces from other games if necessary though- eg: dice) and must have a labeled box.

Furthermore, your effort will be demonstrated by how professionally your game is put together.