Just-a-Minute: The Assignment


5 periods.

To present a modified game show format that provides for a unique method of 'learning and teaching' about the Atlantic Theatre of World War II.

Assignment: Production and participation in a special game show, Just-a-Minute.

Subject Areas: Language, Drama, History, Geography, Science, Social Studies.

Skills: Public speaking, teamwork.


  1. Students will demonstrate an ability to concentrate and speak to a major issue.
  2. Students will use oral communication to support a main idea about a specific topic.
  3. Students will express and respond to a range of ideas concisely, clearly and appropriately.
  4. Students will use a varied vocabulary and make oral presentations.
  5. Students will work in groups to show teamwork skills.
  6. Students will create an interesting combination of 'entertainment and educational' elements to further understand and appreciate an important era of Canadian history.

The game show format of Just-a-Minute will challenge students to focus and address issues relating to the Battle of the Atlantic in an innovative and challenging way.

The students will have an opportunity to create an educational vehicle that has application in every subject area.

Period 1

Each student will be presented with the ABC's of the Battle of the Atlantic. This is the resource material upon which the Just-a-Minute game show will be based.

The Just-a-Minute game rules will be explained to the class and they will be informed of the aim of the project - to produce a video of the game.

Students will be organized into teams of four. A 'production' team will also be assigned to the project. The production crew will include the video camera crew, floor directors, hosts, timer, and score keeper. The production crew will be drawn from all other teams.

Each team will be invited to create a name for themselves, e.g., The Tribals, The Depth Charges. The students could also design a program logo.

All student teams will now be provided with an opportunity to study and discuss the rhyme couplets. This material will form the basis of the program and they will need to research sufficient material to be able to speak on topic within the guidelines of the game.

Students will also be invited to assist on the development and production of a TV set for the taping of the Game Show. They will need to determine the availability of video cameras, videotape, a buzzer system, and stopwatch or clock. The letter cards will need to be produced, team names established, hosts nominated, and floor managers nominated. The production rules will need to be established.

Students will know of the rules of the game, their team, their role, and the expectations relating to their involvement in the production of sets.

Period 2

All teams to work on the rhyme couplets.

A special team to quickly produce the 26 Just-a-Minute cards. Another team to work on the set design. Update on availability of the identified equipment - video resources, timers and buzzers, etc.

Period 3

Continuation of set production and confirmation of resources. Carry on with study of the rhymes.

This session will conclude with a reminder that next period is set for a full dress rehearsal.

Period 4 - Dress Rehearsal

Students will set up the Just-a-Minute set and prepare for a series of 'dry runs'. The video crew, hosts, and floor managers will each conduct a one-game session in order to gain confidence.

Teams will rehearse and complete one full program.

Period 5 - The Full Program

Invited guests will be seated and the first host will speak to the class and the visitors, explaining the rules of the game.

Games will be run on a knock-out system, winning teams playing winning teams until a final winner is established.