Assignment: Warships and Zones of Operation

Royal Canadian Navy areas of Action

  1. Gulf of St. Lawrence
  2. North Atlantic
  3. Norwegian Sea
  4. UK Home Waters
  5. Bay of Biscay & Channel
  6. Caribbean
  7. Azores/N. Africa
  8. Mediterranean

The Atlantic Ocean has a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres, it covers approximately twenty percent of the Earth's surface and about twenty-six percent of its water surface area. The Norwegian, the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas are extensions of the greater ocean. This immense area, more than 11 times the area of Canada, was the greatest battleground of World War 11. In this arena, warships of Canada, Britain, and the United States battled the U- boat wolf packs and surface ships of the German Kriegsmarine.


Consult the list of RCN Warships provided.

  1. Choose a warship from the list of some of the RCN ships. You may also research others, perhaps the ship named for your community or region.
  2. Identify type of ship and the zone in which the ship saw action (some were in action in a number of zones).
  3. Research and prepare a report on that ship and the specific action.
  4. Identify the importance of the zone in which the action took place.

List of RCN Warships