Assignment: Canada Invaded!

In Canada, the U-boat war took on a more immediate urgency.

Ships torpedoed in St. Lawrence River and The Gulf

DateShip (Flag)DeathsU-Boat
May 11, 1942SS Nicoya (UK)6U-553 Kpt. Thurmann
May 12, 1942SS Leto (Netherlands)11U-553 " "
July 6, 1942SS Anastasia Pateras (Greece)3U-132 Kpt. Vogelsang
SS Hainaut (Belgium)1U-132 " "
SS Dinaric (UK)4U-132 " "
July 20, 1942SS Frederika Lensen (UK)4U-132 " "
Aug. 27, 1942SS Chatham (US)14U-517 Kpt. Hartwig
USS Laramie (US)5U-165 Kpt. Hoffmann
Aug. 28, 1942SS Arlyn (US)12U-517 Kpt. Hatrwig
Sept. 3, 1942SS Donald Stewart (Canada)3U-517 " "
Sept. 6, 1942SS Aeas (Greece)2U-165 Kpt. Hoffmann
Sept. 7, 1942HMCS Raccoon (Canada)36U-165 " "
SS Mount Pindus (Greece)3U-157 Kpt. Hartwig
SS Mount Taygetus (Greece)5U-517 " "
SS Oakton (Canada)3U-517 " "
Sept. 11, 1942HMCS Charlottetown (Canada)10U-517 " "
Sept. 15, 1942SS Saturnus (Netherlands)noneU-517 " "
SS Inger Elizabeth (Norway)4U-517 " "
Sept. 16, 1942SS Joannis (Greece)noneU-165 Kpt. Hoffmann
SS Essex Lance (UK) Did not sinknoneU-165 " "
SS Pan York (UK) Did not sinknoneU-165 " "
Oct. 9, 1942SS Carolus (Finland)11U-69 Kpt. Graf
Oct.11, 1942SS Waterton (UK)noneU-106 Kpt. Rasch
Oct. 14, 1942SS Caribou (UK) (Nfld. Ferry)136U-69 Kpt. Graf
Oct. 14, 1944HMCS Magog (Canada) Did not sink3U-1223 Kpt. Kneip
Nov. 3, 1944SS Fort Thompson (Canada)noneU-1223 " "
Nov. 25, 1944HMCS Shawinigan (Canada)91U-1228 Kpt. Marienfeld

Information courtesy of Dr. Nathan M. Greenfield, The Battle of the St. Lawrence


Choose ONE of the following topics:

  1. Choose one of the Canadian warships that was sunk or damaged by a U-boat, research the attack, and write a brief account for presentation. Identify all relevant information about the attack.
  2. Choose a U-boat that operated in Canadian waters and present a report on its operational activities while it was active. What was its fate?
  3. Profile one of the U-boat Captains (Kapitan) who operated in Canadian waters
  4. Research and report on the sinking of the Newfoundland Ferry SS Caribou