Women at War

Canadian WRCNs played a vital role in WWII

By Julie Hallett (Née Breeze), WREN

I found History a difficult subject to learn.  Only since I have seen dramatizations of major events have I learned to appreciate it more. I find it fulfilling to know how the past developed and wish others to feel the same. I believe I have lived during memorable times, and hope to bring them to life in a similar way by relating my personal experience to others.

As a woman the franchise was won for me by my mother's generation, but beyond that when WWII began we still had very little credibility in the working world. With the men gone away to war, manpower became very scarce on the 'Home Front' and women were called upon to fill the gaps. They performed many tasks normally reserved for he opposite sex and were found to be a valuable resource. Simply by rising to the occasion and proving their competence they set the groundwork for the future improved acceptance of a woman's potential worth, and that is what you inherit today.

Julie Hallett