The ABC's

About the ABC's

An ABC of the Battle of the Atlantic uses the alphabet and rhyme to provide a 26-theme introduction to this important WWII theatre of operations. The ‘Alphapoetic’ system has been developed by Tom Dykes and used in a variety of educational programmes. The format has received accolades from teachers in Canada, England, Australia, and the USA.

An ABC of the Battle of the Atlantic is an innovative way to introduce students to, or close a study on the longest and most critical battle of World War II. The format lends itself to a variety of levels of interpretation and application.

As a teaching resource, each Alphapoetic unit offers an opportunity for individual or group in-depth study of a specific aspect of this WWII Theatre of Operation.

An ABC of The Battle of the Atlantic is a challenging Independent Study Unit for a class. It may also lend itself as a Summative.

An ABC of the Battle of the Atlantic teacher resource also includes a modified Just-A-Minute game based on a long running BBC Radio Game Show. Developed for the BBC by Ian Messiter, permission was granted to modify for school use in the ABC series of educational resources.

Just-A-Minute is an ideal companion to the ABC of the Battle of the Atlantic. It is a most challenging and entertaining vehicle for students to showcase their knowledge of a subject or topic. This component provides a support for public speaking skills, listening skills and teamwork.

The ABC format provides a strong support for a variety of skill developments, particularly in the areas of history, geography, world issues and language arts. A very strong writing strand has been designed and applied to all subjects.

The 26 thematic units of the ABC introduction to the Battle of the Atlantic enable the teacher to offer students an opportunity for individual or group research activity. It is a format that can be provide an introduction to the role of Canada in the Battle of the Atlantic, or as a means of a comprehensive wrap-up of a unit on the battle.

The ABC structure provides individual or group activity with a comprehensive range of challenges: cooperative learning, research, discussion and debate, brainstorming, decision making and problem solving.

The use of the BBC radio game, Just A Minute, is a valuable tool for reinforcing public speaking skills as well as listening skills. This established game format is provided with the permission of the originator for the expressed use as an educational tool. Every element of the ABC unit has the potential for innovative research and presentation. As a class activity, the collective research, findings and presentation can provide a uniquely presented study on the theatre of World War II in which Canada played a principal role. It provides for study of the strategies, the vessels, the challenges and the lives of those who served.